Template Customization

You don’t have After Effects or don’t know it well enough to customize
one of our projects? No problem!

We can help you with fair customization rates.
Please contact us regarding which Snowcake After Effects template you like us to customize.

The larger your project is the more you will save!
Our Template Customization rates begin with a flat fee of €150 for the initial 2 hours and then are billed hourly based on the scale below:

• 2-5 hours: €100/hour
• 6-10 hours: €90/hour
• more then 10 hours: €80/hour


Pricing Example

Pricing Example 1:

If your project is quoted at 3 hours to customize,
the total cost of customization will be €250
(€150 flat fee + 1 additional hours
@ €100/hour = €250)

Pricing Example 2:
If your project is quoted at 6 hours to customize,
the total cost of customization will be €510
(€150 flat fee + 4 additional hours
@ €90/hour = €510)

(+ the Price of the Template)

3 Steps for a customization request!

[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-question-circle” icon_size=”62″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#8224e3″ icon_animation=”rotateIn” title=”Step 1″ pos=”top”]

Please tell us the name of the template you bought.

We also need the purchase code (Videohive), so that we can verify your purchase! You will find the purchase code when you >>download<< the template.

There is an option >>license certificate & purchase code<<.

[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-history” icon_size=”62″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#8224e3″ icon_animation=”swing” title=”Step 2″ pos=”top”]

We also need to know, if you want to keep the structure of the template.

If you want us to make changes in the timing, the length or whatever you have in mind for the change, we need to know that as well!

Provide us with as much information as possible!

[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-check” icon_size=”62″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#8224e3″ icon_animation=”pulse” title=”Step 3″ pos=”top”]

Now summarize the information of step one and two, include a storyboard or textscript and send it to us!

We will get back to you with a quote and a timing within 1-2 business days!


Demo Storyboard PDF